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Ethically sound. Strategically progressive. Personally invested. This is Wallace Turner Law, and our mission is simple: to help a broad range of clients achieve their highest goals, and provide legal guidance that’s both peerless, profound, and supportive in a uniquely personal way. We do this with a fierce commitment to excellence in everything we do, and by using the latest techniques and technologies to ensure our clients have a poised counsel that’s focused on them, and ready to fight for their needs.

Supremely committed to our clients, we work with each to understand their objectives, resolve current issues, and proactively anticipate future problems. From legal concerns in business to real estate to personal protection, our work is informed by experience and focused on individuals and their dreams—no matter how big they may be. 

And as Black, female attorneys intent on maintaining a new level of legal representation across New York’s Capital Region, we know how to dream big.

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