Black History: Women attorneys build Capital Region law firm from scratch

February 23, 2022

Walking down the hall toward their law firm, attorneys Kimberly Wallace and Raysheea Turner are making a difference with each step.

“We always say we want to be an active part of the change in which we seek,” Turner said.

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4 Millennial Changemakers in CapNY Housing

January 26, 2022

Outside of the possibility you’re also faced with what is: that the presence of those abandoned homes indicate that there are more unhoused neighbors than you think. Furthermore it begs the question what does affordable housing actually look like in CapNY.

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Grondahl: Partners overcome hurdles facing lawyers of color

December 8, 2021

TIMES UNION — When Kimberley Wallace was growing up in Kingston, Jamaica, she pestered people with a stream of animated conversation and strong opinions.

“I was that kid who was annoying and talked too much,” Wallace said with a soft laugh that carried a gentle trace of Caribbean inflection.

“People kept saying, ‘You’re going to be a lawyer’ — I heard that so much I got it in my head,” she said.

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40 Under 40!

March 19, 2021

We are honored to both be chosen alongside so many other successful people as 2 of Albany Business Review’s 2021 40 Under 40 honorees.

We are humbled that our work in the community is being recognized. And we are committed to continue dedicating our time and resources where it is needed most.

Congratulations to the other honorees.

This year has only just begun!